The biggest transportation service of the times from packing to transportation, Shifting Jugnoo moves you

When it comes to moving of luggage from one place to another, you can trust us. With Shifting Jugnoo, we make you move.

Shifting Jugnoo is specializing in international corporate moving services, providing a door step service by air, sea and road.

Whether you are moving in group or if it is a corporate relocation or the movers of the individual, Shifting Jugnoo’s team has the skill and trained workers in moving services in place to support the costumer and their families, the project supervisor and the whole. We provide you the fleet of safe and reliable vehicle.

If you want to move your flat items, your house, your company or anything, we will relocate anything anywhere.

The different forms of transport we offer are very important to each shifting. We as service provider know the importance of working with the assigned to manage prospect on the volumes, time scales and staying within the policy requirements.

We as a company provide you with different sources of transportation like (air, road and sea) and different packages of relocation according to your budget and needs.

  • By Road: For those moving within the country and the rest of out of the country, we will transfer the merchandise and other things in trucks by road. The transit times will vary and depend on the volume to be packed and the routing of the vehicles. Once we have completed your pre-move survey, we can plan and schedule your move.
  • Items prohibited on a road move:

    It is important to check the destination country’s customs clearing restrictions. Each country will have its own regulation and some products such as food and alcohol, live plants, gas cylinders, gas lighters, flammable substances, fireworks could be forbidden.

  • By Air: Air freight is ideal for those travelling with just personal effects and families travelling with young children. The transit time for air freight is less than goods travelling by sea therefore your air freight will arrive in advance of your shipment container.
  • There are some restrictions and air freight shipment includes the shipment size. Some of the more common restrictions are listed below but our survey will provide you with specific shipment information during the pre-move survey. Few items are there which you can’t pack and move as they are flammable and need high care while transportation. They are aerosols, gas cylinders, gas lighters, insect sprays, light bulbs, perfumes, food and drinks, liquids, flammable substances, alcohol, explosives: fireworks, firecrackers, matchsticks, power, liquid, (pastes and other items with danger sign on their packaging) and many more.

    Shifting Jugnoo will be happy to provide you with country specific information. And with Shifting Jugnoo, we keep you informed at every stage of transportation.

  • Door step delivery throughout
  • All import and export clearances handled for you making you tension free.
  • By Sea: A sea shipment is best for those packing up a full household of both personal effects and furniture. The large containers come in various sizes depending on the volume assessed at your pre-move inspection. Transportation times for sea freight will depend on your final destination and customs clearing process. Sea transportation can be slower as the waterway is the slowest among the all but if there are some shortcut between sea ports then the movement can be fast.