We also provide you with loading and unloading service

Other than a full package of packing to exporting the material, we also have other options in which we provide the service only like loading and unloading. This work of loading and unloading is bit tedious so we require experts in the field. Here, at Shifting Jugnoo, we give the special training of how to load and unload the stuff and also run mock drills to give them experience for the site shifting and prepare them well to handle the situation of chaos.

Our company Shifting Jugnoo’s is one of the very well known organizations which is affianced in providing the loading services for several kinds of client-oriented logistic services. We are providing our clients with the loading services which are one of the very tough and unsafe processes for a common man. We have our team of very well skilled and talented persons who perform these loading services in a very easy and convenient manner. Our services at Shifting Jugnoo are very much reliable and are available for our clients at a very exciting range of prices and offers. One call and we are at your door step.


  • Easily within your means
  • Extremely dependable and capable
  • Excellent contact process
  • Moment and get-up-and-go saving
  • Cost capable
  • Loading: Loading is the process of putting the packed items/boxes etc. properly to the loading vehicle systematically and symmetrically which needs a lot of labour and other technical machines. Before uploading the stuff and the luggage, we take them to make an inventory and check each and every thing is properly tagged or not and load accordingly.
  • Transportation: Safety of your belonging is a foremost priority. For taking care of your goods, our service trucks, tempos and other automobiles are installed with suspension system with airride protection. All our drivers are licensed and done with the certified courses of driving the locomotives. Proper training is provided to the drivers for good protection of your belongings. We also keep the luggage covered with either plastic sheets or any different material so to ensure the protection of your goods.
  • Unloading: Here comes the time of delivery. We take inventory and mark that the items are delivered properly without any damage and it is without any damage and during unloading process to ensure each and every item is accounted for.

Leveraging on years of practice, the dexterous strategy of loading and unloading goods and sophisticated tools and apparatus, we deliver highly controlled and methodical loading and unloading of goods to rely upon. Be it heavy goods or light prejudiced valuable goods, we hold skill in loading and uploading every kind of good.

Wedding goods/valuables in a proper way is only victorious when the development of loading and unloading is done with superfluous care and carefulness. Our knowledgeable and skilled team always propose safe and secure loading and unloading of goods. It is their years of experience and dedicated skills in packing, loading, transporting and unloading goods that render professionals to comprehend the needs of every different patron. Our main axiom is to render customer friendly services within the defined budget and time frame.